Grounds Maintenance Equipment

Bobcat is the most innovative equipment solution for business and industrial maintenance works. Building new plants, retail establishments, and auto dealerships or refurbishing existing business facilities? You can count on Bobcat to keep you on top of every situation. Our extensive range of Bobcat equipment and attachments brings total convenience and reliability to your job site.


Take the Credit

Bobcat’s Advantage can be summed up in three words: safety, comfort, and performance. Each Bobcat machine is one tough animal at work – simplifying your snow removal, pathway and parking area maintenance tasks. Bobcat does the job, you keep the credit! Focus more on the results and minimize costs!

Extreme Maneuverability

Bobcat delivers extreme serviceability and maneuverability for increased safety, ease of operation, and cost-reduction. In the winter, Bobcat compact equipment is able to get into spaces that larger trucks and equipment do not have access to. This flexibility reduces potential damage to a customer’s property. Our compact sized machines are ideal for cleaning snow off walkways, sidewalks and trails. Bobcat machines also come with low ground disturbance and high floatation, creating minimal damage to the ground.


Bobcat Benefit

Each Bobcat machine delivers extraordinary performance. The most popular equipment solutions for ground maintenance projects include:

All-Wheel Steer Loaders

causes minimal turf damage. Offers great performance and results. Unlike a Skid Steer Loader that leaves tire marks on concrete and asphalt paths when turning, a Bobcat All Wheel Steer Loader does not!

Compact Track Loaders

our current range of Bobcat CTLs provides increased flotation for unparalleled traction in wet conditions. Minimize turf damage in grounds maintenance landscaping projects. The NEW Bobcat track design facilitates harder digging and better pushing performance, while also providing for simpler maintenance of the machine.

Skid-Steer Loaders

Bobcat SSLs provide top flight performance for business and industrial facilities contractors. Able to handle a variety of tasks, this highly versatile machine replaces dedicated equipment such as tractors and mowers. The availability of multiple attachments makes Bobcat SSLs even more popular for business and industrial facilities work.

Mini Track Loaders

highly compact machine for trenching and moving materials around confined areas. Operates at extremely low ground pressure (5.2 psi) to minimize turf damage. Increase your job site efficiency by mechanizing tasks otherwise done by hand.

Toolcat Work Machine

the Bobcat Toolcat work machine can handle all building and ground maintenance projects. Able to carry supplies and materials in the dump bed. An incredibly versatile unit that accommodates up to 40 attachments. Bobcat Toolcat machines can carry two people at 18 mph, and outperform an SSL. Ideal for removing snow and working in working spaces.

Utility Vehicles

transport people and materials around expansive campus or to and from worksites, traveling at speeds of up to 25mph.

Compact Excavator

dig holes with smoother operation an faster cycle times. In-Track Swing Frame allows the operator to get closer to the work. Accommodate over 15 attachments with a design that’s optimized to simplify daily maintenance.


Optimal Bobcat Attachments

Increase the number of tasks each machine can handle with our multiple attachment solutions:


  • Snow Blades – move and push snow – angles 30 degrees left or right.
  • Buckets – hauls snow, debris, and any other material to clear driveways, sidewalks and walkways.
  • Snow Blower – Use the snow blade on the parking lot and the snow blower on the pathways.
  • Auger – helps plant trees and build fences. Easily pays for itself with labor savings.
  • Angle Broom – sweeps parking lots and walkways, as well as removes light dusting of snow in order to reduce liability for walkway accidents.
  • Grapple – securely handle hard to manage materials.
  • Mower – great for areas that do not require a professional cut.
  • Breaker – improve efficiency and reliability with minimal maintenance for better breaking performance.
  • Spreader – simplify spreading of salt and sand for snow removal services.
  • Seeder – accurate seed placement and adjustable metering. Places the seed with proper spacing and at the right depth for proper germination.

Leverage unprecedented performance to simplify your ground maintenance projects. Bobcat Advantage equates to maximum productivity and profitability.

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