Concrete Construction Equipment

At your concrete construction project, Bobcat equipment handles tough jobs with open arms….from laying slab foundations and making concrete basements for new real estate developments, to paving sidewalks and building bridges. Bobcat’s industry leading prowess gives you superior performance so you can double your productivity and dilute your costs.

Unleash the Beasts – At Your Job Site

We deliver an extensive range of powerful Bobcat beasts that turn your job site into a hive of activity, regardless of the weather and ground conditions. Our Bobcat grading attachments give you simple operation, finer control, maximum productivity with leading comfort. You can operate each attachment manually by using Bobcat’s loader fingertip controls.

Triple+ Productivity with Laser Attachments

Automatic laser control means less fatigue, less operator output, faster travel speeds and better accuracy. With Bobcat laser-enabled grading, one operator can do in one day what two operators can do in three days using hand surveying techniques. Truly – your easy, accurate way to a big pay

Bobcat Track Loader

All-Project Bobcat Advantage

Get the Bobcat advantage for all of your concrete construction tasks, including but not limited to planing, trenching, demolition, site preparation, grading, auguring, footings digging, compaction and backfilling. The most popular machines in our concrete construction inventory include:

Skid-Steer Loaders

Bobcat skid-steer loaders provide all-around visibility for increased speed of work, safety and overall efficiency. Manually operate each attachment with the loader’s fingertip control. Bobcat’s legendary transverse mounted engine provides easy access to all maintenance points.

Compact Track Loaders

Enjoy improved serviceability and all-round visibility with Bobcat CTLs. Bobcats tracks use permanently lubricated idlers and grease-gun track tensioning. More so, Bobcat’s single track design makes it easier to change or maintain the equipment.

All-Wheel Steer Loaders

Achieve more with the industry’s most advanced all-wheel steer loaders. Bobcat all-wheel steer machines have better tire life and minimal ground disturbance than any other similar equipment. Forget about costly turf damage for jobs that are on or near established lawns.

Compact Excavators

Our 3-4 metric ton size excavator is the most dynamic tool for the concrete construction industry. It comes equipped with a fast-track option and Zero Tail Swing so you can move broken up concrete more quickly. Do more work confidently, with minimized chances of damaging trees, buildings, and any other objects on your job site. Bobcat excavators can help double your productivity while backfilling, grading or moving around the work site.

Utility Vehicles

A Bobcat utility vehicle will quickly become your most versatile construction worker. Usable through all seasons, and can be combined with various attachments to meet diverse workplace needs. Easily backfill trenches on new parking lots without having to worry about leaving tire marks everywhere!

Bobcat E55 Compact Excavator

 Attachment Options

Powerful attachment to doze, grapple or scrape with one bucket. Provides a better, alternative method to increase dump height, especially since radius lift arm type machines are very common in concrete construction.

  • Combination Bucket – Versatility is key to increasing productivity and minimizing costs in the concrete construction setting. Bobcat has got an attachment for anything, from deep diggers to branch mulchers.

  • Clamp – Easily move broken concrete and other odd-shaped objects.

  • Grapple – Easily tackle hard-to-handle materials, including waste and scrap.

  • Trencher – Large diameter auger with a tapered design that removes more materials from the side of a trench, thus reducing the spoil falling back into the trench.

  • Breakers – Bobcat delivers the hardest-hitting breakers in their respective Impact energy class. Unleash Bobcat power with the no. 1 hydraulic tool that easily breaks through concrete, rock, and asphalt. Equipped with an X-change mounting system that allows for faster switch from skid-steer loader mount to excavator mount to backhoe mount. Also, features wear compensation mounting for a very snug fit to the skid-steer loader frame or excavator.

  • Snow Blade – This useful attachment angles the blade both right and left (up to 30 degrees) in order to push and move snow around construction sites.

  • Backhoe – Dig up to depths of 5 to 11 feet.

  • Laser Box Blade/Grader – Bobcat laser attachments bring precision to your grading. However experienced your operators are, it’s nearly impossible for them to achieve pinpoint accuracy. Even small errors in grade could lead to thousands of dollars in extra costs. This particular attachment will pay for itself in saved labor and concrete. It might even pay for the machine if flatwork is your specialty.

  • Brushcat – Easily mulch saplings and small branches up to 3 inches in diameter. This is the one Bobcat attachment you need to cut through tough grass and brush. A must-have accessory for undeveloped construction sites and property.

  • Augers – A fast solution for footings.

We provide all leading Bobcat machines and attachments to help you realize maximum efficiency and baseline costs in your next concrete construction project.

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