Demolition Equipment

Turn your demolition worksite into a hive of activity with industry-leading Bobcat equipment. We provide powerful Bobcat demolition equipment that efficiently tear down buildings and structures so you can achieve increased productivity and performance at your job sites.

Bobcat Advantage gets you going at maximum productivity and with minimum expense.


Unparalleled Competence

Bobcat means industry-leading competence. Powerful compact equipment can demolish in areas that larger equipment can’t access (e.g. in tight residential areas and inside commercial buildings). Each Bobcat machine is a tough animal that fiercely breaks up flatwork, demolishes and shears metal works, wood, and ceiling structures, as well as sorts, hauls and loads construction waste for recycling or disposal.

Top Demolition Machines

Most demolition contractors use and recommend the following Bobcat equipment solutions:

Skid-Steer Loaders

highly effective machines that work with grapples, buckets and breakers attachments to accomplish most demo site tasks. Current models feature integrated safety with a Bobcat Special Application Kit and also help when taking out materials and sorting steel. Bobcat’s Bucket Positioning feature keeps the bucket level during loading of demolition waste. Moreover, a durable steel tailgate, boom design, and cylinders, the ROPS/FOPS (level 1) standard canopies make Bobcat SSLs unparalleled by any competing machine.

Compact Track Loaders

second most common Bobcat demolition equipment. Has all the options available in a Skid-Steer Loader. The track, however, eliminates the possibility of flat tires, which can be a major headache on some work sites.

Compact Excavators

sturdy excavating machine equipped with ROPS/TOPS safety standard, with a Falling Object Guard Structure (FOGS) also available. Our smaller excavators are highly popular for interior work, so you don’t have to move that large excavator for small residential and commercial projects. Bobcat compact excavators are highly versatile and can perform well on big projects, freeing up larger machines. With the optional breaker attachments and steel tracks, you have complete excavation capacity for your next demo project.

Mini Track Loaders

just 36″ wide, and with 5.2 psi ground pressure, Bobcat mini track loaders are a productive companion for interior jobs. Widely used for specialty projects such as demo openings for new windows or doors on concrete buildings.

Toolcat Work Machine

extremely practical machine that increases capacity for demolition jobs. Features an AWS mode that provides tighter turning radius than most golf cars for higher maneuverability. A 2-speed, two passenger design means that you can transport materials and two workers at 18 mph. Bobcat Toolcat Work Machines are compatible with 40+ front mounted changeable attachments for utmost versatility. The four-wheel drive with horsepower management and hydrostatic traction control makes this machine even more functional.

Our Bobcat Attachments

Our selection of Bobcat attachments facilitates cost minimization by eliminating the need for more dedicated machines.

  • Industrial Fork Grapple – allows weight to fall through bottom tines, easing the sorting of demo waste, and reducing weight dumping fees.
  • Breakers – painlessly breaks up some of the toughest surfaces without sacrificing durability. Attachable to both loaders and excavators. Note: Breakers should be properly operated and maintained to prolong life.
  • Auger – dig holes with speed and plumb-line accuracy and get an extra foot of dig depth than you’d get with a standard unit.
  • Snow Blade – handy attachment that angles the blade both right and left up to 30 degrees in order to push and move snow, facilitating better accessibility to sites.
  • Angle Broom – cleans dirt left behind after large debris has been removed. Commonly used with a water kit to minimize dust.

Outdo your competition, reduce costs and maximize productivity by bringing the Bobcat Advantage to your next demolition project.

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