Bobcat Equipment for Independent Rental Inventory

Looking to increase your equipment rental inventory? We provide in-demand machines and attachments that can increase both your dollar utilization and time utilization. Our range of Bobcat equipment can handle hundreds of job types for thousands of possible clients.

Bobcat E42 with Attachment

Reach Your Target Rental Market

With our industry-leading Bobcat equipment, you’re in a better position to target the following prospect groups:

    • Contractors (Peak Shave) – contractors often supplement their equipment fleet when there’s an additional specialty job, or increased workload.
    • Landscapers and Nurseries – use skid-steers and various attachments such as brush cutters to ease key activities such as planting.
    • Farmers – Bobcat agricultural equipment help with building, excavating and handling materials. Farmers are looking for machines that help them reduce costs.
    • Businesses – often rent utility vehicles for special events, loaders to remove debris, and sweepers for parking lots on an as-needed basis.
    • Municipalities – municipality customers need Bobcat machines and attachments to keep project costs down throughout their areas of jurisdiction.
    • Homeowners – versatile Bobcat equipment and accessories help homeowners get more productivity and lower their home improvement costs.
    • Other Groups – specialty groups that include associations, charities, and religious institutions usually rent Bobcat equipment for cost-effective renovations without having to hire top-dollar professionals.

    Rent Out Equipment with Unrivaled Versatility

    Bobcat’s unsurpassed versatility means that you can swap attachments among more carriers than any competing brand. For instance, a Bobcat Auger can be swapped on a compact track loader, excavator and skid-steer. So if your main carrier is already rented out, you don’t have to refer customers to the competition.

    Independent Rental Equipment

    Add Bobcat Equipment to Your Rental Fleet

    The Best Solutions for Your Equipment Rental Fleet

    Our most-preferred equipment solutions for rental consumption are:

    Compact Track Loaders – Bobcat CTLs are widely used by diverse consumer demographics, and typically attract about 20 percent more in rental rates. They are tough machines that are deployable in numerous workplace scenarios. Get a higher utilization rate by renting out Bobcat track machines earlier in spring, and then later in fall!

    Skid-Steer Loaders – Easy-to-service Bobcat Skid-Steers have transverse mounted engines for hassle-free access to all maintenance points. Also equipped with maintenance-free chain cases and self-lubricating axle bearings. SSLs are the number one tool amongst customers looking for a powerful vertical lift path tool. Offers greater attachment versatility and higher resale value than any other machine in the Bobcat range of equipment.

    Compact Excavators – Bobcat excavator’s Zero House Swing (ZHS) minimizes machine damage and optimizes performance. Handles the same attachments as Bobcat loaders. Our smallest excavator units easily fit into customers backyards and through gates. Increased machine utilization with easier maintenance!

    Mini Track Loaders – Our Mini Track Loaders are equipped with an instrument panel design for simplicity and efficiency. Intuitive hand levers ease the control of most functions, while the diesel powered engines provide for more durability and longevity. Bobcat mini track loaders are easy to operate and easy to learn for customers, so your rental store staff do not have to spend all day explaining controls. Also fitted with liquid-cooled engines, as opposed to the competition’s air-cooled design.

    Toolcat Work Machines – Highly versatile, home owner friendly machine that carries two people. Packs a 2000 lb. cargo bed capacity with ability to tow up to 4000 pounds. Easy to drive, with 4 x 4 maneuverability through tough terrain and mud. Toolcat machines can be fitted with an auger at the front, and fencing materials at the back for quick fencing. Comes with an optional air-conditioned cab for extra comfort.

      Rent Out Bobcat Excavators

      Choose from Tons of Rental Attachment Options

      Take advantage of Bobcat’s multiple attachments options to add value and weight to your offering. Our attachment range includes:

        • Augers – dig holes for piers, posts and trees. Also equipped with a unique knuckle-joint design that allows the auger to hang plumb even on uneven terrain.
        • Breakers – facilitates better breaking performance at lower operating temperatures.
        • Grapples – easily handles and moves materials around a worksite.
        • Buckets – simplifies moving, lifting and hauling of materials between locations.
        • Clamps – removes rocks and loads debris.
        • Trenchers – large diameter Auger with a tapered design that removes more materials from the side of the trench, thus reducing the spoil falling back into the trench.
        • Landscape Rakes – rakes and collects surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil.
        • Brushcats – smooths ruts, moves materials or levels mounds quicker and with less labor than ever before. Can also grade topsoil, tear out old sod, pulverize dirt clumps and prepare seed.
        • Tillers – loosens soil for planting, removes weeds, or recreates an existing area.

        Take advantage of Bobcat’s industry-best resale for machines and attachments.

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