Swimming Pool Construction Equipment

Bobcat provides industry-leading equipment for pool excavation, installation, demolition and maintenance. Take advantage of small, light and narrow machines that move through gateways and fences to reach the pool area without damage to the established lawn. We supply Bobcat machines and accessories that help you cut down on project time and expenses.

Bobcat E32 Compact Excavator for Sale

Build Your Own Pool with a Bobcat Machine

From skid-steer loaders to backhoes, we stock complete Bobcat solutions for above-ground and in-ground pool building. Our Bobcat machines are designed to replace larger equipment that often cause cracking of in ground plumbing. Get faster project turnaround and increased profitability with full Bobcat Advantage.

Best Pool Building Equipment

Pool & Spa construction contractors across the country have rated the mini-excavator and the Bobcat skid-steer loader as the two most useful tools for all project-related tasks.

Compact Track Loaders – Move soil during pool and spa construction. CTLs used by pool contractors are way smaller (under 6″ width) than the competition’s equipment. They also dig deeper and travel damage-free over established lawns. Bobcat’s easy to maintain track system makes for smooth running, so you can get maximum performance anytime.

Skid-Steer Loaders – Powerful equipment you can use for pool digging and grading. Bobcat SSLs deliver the best combination for width, power, and dumping options. Also instrumental for building above-ground pools since they are easy to operate and quick to level.

Mini Track Loaders – perfectly sized equipment for narrow access, travelling across established lawns without damage.

Pool Installation Equipment Attachments

Bring real versatility to your next pool or spa project. Our attachment options scale existing Bobcat equipment, and eliminate the need for dedicated machines that would otherwise cost a lot of money.

    Bobcat T630 With Bucket Attachment

    • Hydraulic Clamp – most popular attachment that’s used to remove and maneuver big rocks.
    • Auger – digs 6-42″ holes with top speed and plumb-line accuracy.
    • Trencher – trench water and electrical supply lines for lighting.
    • Breakers – remove old pools and break up slabs in preparation for digging.
    • Backhoe – dig small holes for spas. Achieves a more ‘finished‘ pool excavation.
    • Grapple – pick up large pieces of debris or rock and take them away from the worksite.
    • Snow Blades – angles blades right or left up to 30 degrees to push and move snow.
    • Brushcat – mulch small branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter. Allows contractors to clear property in tight areas (e.g. between trees).
    • Tilt-Tatch – interface between Bob-Tatch and attachment to increase versatility. Rotates 15 degrees from the center.

      Owning Bobcat compact equipment brings multiple benefits to your pool construction projects. Get the most ideal machine for your custom needs.

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