Customer Testimonials

Andy Racco | Ram Iron & Metal inc

Since 1983, Ram Iron & Metal has been recycling all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They run their equipment in the hottest of hot and the coldest of cold. Watch how Bobcat machines continue to deliver results, even in the toughest of environments!

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Tony Bonsignore | Lincoln Construction Group

Lincoln Construction has been leading the way in asphalt paving and concrete work since their inception in 1977. When they’ve got a job to finish, they need powerful and reliable equipment, that’s why they’ve been using Bobcat machines for 30 years.

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Mentioned in the video: T750

Rob & Dan Liderri | Melfer Construction Inc.

Since their inception in 1996, Melfer Construction Inc has grown to be a respected contractor in the site works and landscaping industry. See how their long standing relationship with Bobcat and the seasonal versatility of our equipment continue to make us a perfect partnership.

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Mentioned in the video: S650, Toolcat

Vince Baggetta | Valterra Landscaping

Whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential ladscape jobs, Valterra chooses to stick with the Bobcat brand because it never lets them down. Watch why high-quality projects require high-quality machines. 

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the video: E85

Giulio Di Battista | Clearway Construction Inc

Over their 45 years of operation, Clearway Construction has tried many different brands in their fleet but always find themselves coming back to Bobcat. Find out why Giulio feels our equipment and support sets us apart from the competition.

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Industry: Road Construction, Asphalt & Paving Equipment

Mentioned in the video: T650, E26

Jimmy Ruberto | Dolente Concrete And Drain Co.

When you’re working on high-rises across Toronto, you need strong, reliable equipment and support. Watch why the team at Dolente picks Bobcat as their equipment dealer of choice.

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Industry: Concrete Construction

Mentioned in the video: E35i

Tom Henderson | ProScape Land Design Inc.

ProScape Land Design has been creating beautiful landscapes since 2002. See why the owner, Tom, chooses Bobcat equipment to help him make his customer’s dream properties a reality.

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the video: E35, T450

Miguel Pereira | Summit Concrete & Drain

Specializing in underground drains and site preparation, watch why Miguel of Summit Concrete & Drain chooses Bobcat equipment to get his work done quickly and efficiently.

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Industry: Excavating, Grading & Site Development

Mentioned in the video: T595, E63

Rick Wright | Brackenrig Landscaping

Since 1988 Brackenrig Landscaping has specialized in designing and building custom landscapes. Watch how Rick Wright, owner, uses Bobcat equipment to re-naturalize job sites and properties.

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the video: E32, A770

Ryan Priestly | Priestly Demolition Inc

Family owned and operated, PDI is one of the largest and most trusted demolition contractors in Canada. Watch Ryan Priestly share the story of his long-standing relationship with Bobcat equipment.

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Industry: Demolition

Mentioned in the video: S70, S550E45

Joe Maiato | The Rockwell Group Inc.

After some physical setbacks, Joe was unable to continue working the job that he loved. Find out how Bobcat of Toronto got him back in the cab and back on the job site.

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Mentioned in the video: S70

More Articles

Cole Boyd | Platinum Natural Stone

The Bobcat E85 compact excavator equipped with the Roto-tilt grapple is like playing a video game. It’s not like work at all. It’s so much fun. Quick and easy. No matter how big or small the job is, the Bobcat machines can do the job.” 

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the Article: E85, T870

Chris & Cody Morden | Charles Morden Construction Inc.

“After several engine failures with our previous equipment brand, the decision was made to try Bobcat® equipment. We’ve had a great experience with Bobcat and are now slowly switching more equipment to the Bobcat line.”

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Mentioned in the Article: E85, T595

Rick Wright | Brackenrig Landscaping

Bobcat of Barrie’s customer service is #1. Their mobile service comes to me. I don’t have to bring my equipment to them so it saves me time and money. When I call the dealership it’s so nice that they all know me by name.” – Rick

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the article: E32, A770T595

Greg LeSarge | EZGrow Landscape & Hydroseeding

I also love all the Bobcat attachments like the post auger, ditching bucket, blower for skid-steer, sweeper, and the 3-foot trencher is really cool. Everyone compliments it and it digs trenches in less than ½ the time a crew of workers would be able to. I was so pleased with Bobcat of Barrie’s service in the past, that it was an easy decision to buy brand new off them.” – Greg

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Industry: Landscaping

Mentioned in the article: E42


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